Tide tables and tide info


Did you know that..

The tide is a regular rise and fall in sea level levels. the level is influenced by how the earth rotates in relation to the lunar and solar gravitational fields. 

It's called the tide

When the tide is at its highest it is called River and when the tide is at its lowest it is called Ebbe

What is spring flood

When the moon and sun are on either side of the earth, they predict a spring flood that results in a powerful tidal flood . Spring flood also happens at new moon and full moon.

Tide tables


It is a good idea to always keep track of when the tide is highest and lowest when planning a visit to the Wadden Sea.

The tide in the Romo-Tønder area varies between +1 meters and -1 meters, ie. that when the water is at its peak, a grown man would not be able to reach the bottom if the person stood somewhere where there was no water during the low tide period.

When there is a flood, the water level can rise even higher. In 1999, on December 3, there was a 100 year record of 5 meters inside Ribe and this was even in the low tide.

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