marsh trail

The marsh trail is a 54 km long hiking trail which takes you through Denmark's largest marsh area Tøndermarsken.

Here you meet a very special landscape, which is shaped by people's lives with and against the water. This vibrant cultural landscape also houses a unique bird life with areas of special international value.

Parts of the area are the National Park and the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the edge of the marsh you walk through a series of distinctive cities. Tønder, Møgeltønder and Højer are located on the so-called geestrand.

A slightly higher lying land where people could live in safety from the water. Rudbøl and Nørremølle are the only towns built on dikes in Denmark. On your way you will experience the very special marsh - a low-lying land that was originally flooded by the sea. As a result, the clay particles of the seawater settled and built up the marsh's fertile clay soil. Today, the sea and river water are kept out by means of dikes.

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